Verify Email Domain Names

When you verify email domain names online, a tool checks if a email address is valid or not. Hosted domains that are up and running and that you can access may be configured to send and receive emails.

The entire process is a legitimate part of sending emails from a server and routine validation is often required to continue participating in a network. This is mostly done from SPAM controls.

To keep the emails you send out of a recipient’s spam folder and protect the reputation of you, the sender processing for you, and your Email Service Provider, you should routinely verify email domain names.

To verify the email domains in your list and check if all of the addresses you have are actually valid, you will need to use one of the following tools or methods.

Ways to Verify Email Domain Names

Manual Test Targeting

The first and simplest way to verify a email domain is through manual test targeting. Manual test targeting refers to manually sending a email message to a recipient’s email address (target). By doing this and not receiving the message back, you can safely assume that the target is valid.

While this method is the basic of all tools mentioned in this article, it will not be practical for large businesses or individuals with several email addresses to check. Multiple emails to confirm? Consider using a email validation tool.

Email Validation Tool

A email validation tool is better suited for people that have more than one but less than 10 email addresses to verify a email domain with.

Email validation tools are free for a limited amount of email testing, and this is because of the amount of resources required to offer a free service. A email validation tool will work for the average user who only has a few emails to verify.

Do you have more than a few emails to verify? Consider the next option, bulk email list cleaning to check hundreds or thousands of email addresses at once.

Bulk Email List Cleaning

Bulk cleaning a email list is the only feasible option for people with larger quantities of emails to check. Pricing varies by solution and bulk cleaning does have a cost associated with because of the large amounts of resources that are required to validate many emails at one time.

It will save you hundreds of hours and keep your list compliant by using bulk email list cleaning to verify email domain names.

You will see that you have several options to consider when you want to verify a email domains or more than one. The decision comes down to how many email addresses you have and how much time you have to test them all.

How to Verify Email Domain