Unknown Emails During Email Validation Explained

Email YoYo admits there are other email validation services around. Of course we do favor our own results over anyone else and you can try it yourself with this free email validation tool that we put out there to prove it.

At the end of every list cleaning cycle comes the unknown factor in nearly every customer list. This is not specific to us nor is it all inclusive. Let us explain what unknown emails are in validation and how to handle them.

Our short response to the question of unknowns is included in the three main statuses we return with a email address that has been verified.

Goodthis tag indicates the email address is valid and can be safely used in your marketing.
Badthis tag indicates the email address is not valid and should not be used to prevent bounce back or send errors.
Unknownthis tag indicates the email address is questionable and falls in a “grey” area. If you receive any Unknown email addresses back, we recommend that you cut and paste these addresses into a new list and slowly test sending campaigns to them in smaller batches to prevent large bounce backs or blacklisting with your email service provider.

Good and bad statuses explain themselves. The unknown status leaves the majority of customers wondering what to do next. The first note to consider is that any email validation service that really validates your email list will return unknowns. If you only receive good and bad from the service provider, run and run fast. They are taking your money and not really validating your emails for you. Unknown Emails In Validation

Every normal email list cleaning will have a percentage of emails returned with an unknown status. The code is attached to any email service that is unreachable when testing. In 97% of these cases the server being tested against is a catch all server. This means that any test of a email account on the server results in the test being accepted, even if the email address does not really exist.

Email YoYo has one advantage over every other email validation service out there. We make two extra passes at the mailbox level for every email address. The competition only does one.

Every month we make a purchase at the top email verification providers and test their results to ours. This keeps Email YoYo front and center as the best validation service for verifying emails and gives any customer choosing to do business with us a better value with higher accuracy than they can find anywhere. It is why we have over a 90% customer return rate.

Any unknown emails that you receive in your list is natural and comes with the trade of catch all servers. We suggest adding a small percentage of unknown status emails in your campaigns sends and remove the bounce backs over a period of time. This method keeps your sender score high and prevents any issues with your email marketing service or servers from blacklisting you. You run into trouble when you send large batches of bad emails. Splicing small batches will maximize your email address retention rate while safeguarding your campaign practices.