Partner Program

Due to continued requests from agencies and leading developers for partnership opportunities, Email YoYo has started a limited partnership program to increase revenue for your business by adding email validation services to what you or your company can offer through partnering with us for delivery.

Email YoYo is strategically working with select individuals and businesses focused in contracting, development, advertising, consulting, call centers and marketing to have multiple service locations around North America, European Union, Russia, Australia, China, India, South America and more.

By joining our partner program you can offer our quality email list cleaning and email validation API service to your clients at a 50/50 partner share with no limitations or hidden terms.

Impact Radius Marketing TechnologyImpact Radius, an advanced digital marketing platform, manages our partner program to ensure you will get full transparency, sales tracking, and direct automated payments to the leads you send.

Ideal Candidates and Products Include:

  • Web Design Developers
  • CRM Software Providers
  • Email List Brokers
  • Advertising Agency
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Marketing Services
  • Database Sales
  • Email Service Providers (ESP)
  • Application and Software Developers
  • Value Added Resellers

If email validation solutions are something that you are interested in offering to your clients, please apply below to our partner program.

Email YoYo will provide the customer service and support directly to your clients, or through your business if you prefer to act as a value added service or direct service provider.

Either way, partnering with Email YoYo to offer a leading email validation API and email list cleaning services to your clients and visitors will increase your revenue through this new sales channel.

To view how our partner program works and view a potential revenue analysis based on a average sale visit the link below. We look forward to working with you.

For more information on how the partner program works, example revenue analysis, and to apply, click here.