Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of email addresses can you check?

A. Anything. We validate emails on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail / Live, AOL, RoadRunner, Comcast, and hundreds of other common ISP consumer services. This includes international providers like Orange, GMX, and Yandex. If the server is sending email – our API can verify it – anything!

Q. What are the email validation API response times?

A. Milliseconds. Average around the world is 0.20 or 2/10ths of a second.

Q. What code or programming languages is it compatible with?

A. The API is RESTful so it places nice with anything. PHP, C#,, AngularJS, jQuery, Perl, Java, and Python are all examples.

Q. What type of businesses, products, or services can use the API?

A. Anyone and any business that has a need for verifying emails in real time during data collection like email list signups, new user capture, and subscriber building while avoiding Spam bots, fake emails, or typo entries during account creation among many other uses. The sky is truly the limit. You can find our API being used by the likes of lead generation companies, email marketing services, list brokers, various developers, private label list cleaning companies, customer call centers, social media providers, e-commerce platforms, and many more.

Q. What does a email verification API do?

A. The API service from Email YoYo is used to check and validate a email address in real-time and is integrated with your email capture application like a subscriber box or registration process. We are able to validate the email address all the way down to the user’s mailbox level. You then can benefit by keeping fake emails, spammers, or incorrectly entered emails off your application lists.

Q. Does your API support HTTPS?

A. Yes. We fully support HTTPS if you need it.

Q. Do you offer a free trial of your email verification API so I can test it?

A. Yes, we will be happy to setup a temporary test string for you to play with first. Contact us and let us know.

Q. Do you offer a free trial of your email list cleaning service?

A. Yes we do. Validate as many emails as you would like for free. Click here to test our service.

Q. Why did you decide on Email YoYo as a name?

A. Seriously, we get asked this at trade shows we attend. Our API operates very similar to a YoYo. Think of the first wave down grabbing the email address entered on your application or website, the return up to the top is our API validating that email, and the next wave down is our API returning that email to your application with a status of Good or Bad. It is all about vision with some fun mixed in.

Q. What payment forms do you accept?

A. Our secure payment system accepts major credit or debit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers.

Q. Can I see my API stats and usage?

A. Yes. We can setup a viewing area for a breakdown of what your usage is with detailed stats.

Q. Do you offer stand-alone or one time email list cleaning if I do not need the API?

A. Yes we offer a “done for you” email list cleaning service. You can see the stand-alone package tiers here along with the estimated turn around time. And there is more information about our email list cleaning here to answer your questions.

Q. Where can I see the expanded status codes list at?

A. You can view the entire list of API status codes and descriptions here.

Q. How reliable is your API, what is your uptime rate?

A. Very reliable with 99.998% uptime. Check Current Status.

Q. Your documentation mentions that your API uses REST and GET, what do those terms mean?

A. They are very easy to use protocols when integrating an API in your application. We designed our API to be very easy to use and partner with your service. However if you are unsure, it is best to discuss these protocols with your developer first.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer and describes a method that works well with other software and web applications.

GET is a safe method of listing or retrieving data with no side effects.

Q. How do I signup for service?

A. Select your service level here and proceed to checkout. We will confirm your order, setup your dedicated API string, test thoroughly, and contact you with the details you will need to proceed with.

Q. Do you integrate your API for me in my application?

A. We rarely get this question because most clients prefer to do the work themselves. But the answer is no, because this opens too many risky variables that is bad for you and for us at the same time. We provide you with the API string that you will need but how you use it is in your hands. If you do not have a dedicated support staff that will integrate for you, reputable and affordable contractors can be found to help you on,,, and other micro-job websites. We do however provide generic integration samples for you or developer to compare with when setting up our API with your application.

You can see some examples of those codes here.

Q. There are several API’s on the market, why should I choose yours?

A. You should ask yourself why not instead. From the highest level of accuracy to customer service, we blow the competition out of the water. We even power a large handful of private label partners that you might be comparing us to and you can order the API straight from the source. Our best suggestion for you is proof. Run a free trial of our API against the competition and see who delivers. If they won’t give you a free trial, then there is your answer.

Q. What are your Terms and Conditions?

A. Here are our Terms and Conditions updated.

Q. Do you offer a partner program?

A. Yes. Please read about the Email YoYo Partner Program.

Q. I have a question not answered here, how can I ask someone about it?

A. We offer a variety of contact options. Contact us here and let us know how we can help.