Beyond Email Validation Regex

A simple regular expression is no longer required. Go beyond Email Validation Regex to the account of the user and validate their email address at the mailbox level.

Developers search Stack Overflow to build a better email validation regex regular expression code. The problem with any code for validating a email address can not be run on your own servers. Achieving the closest percentage of validation requires a mailbox level scan.

There is no simple regular expression for the problem of using email validation regex online. The solution to use and prevent bugs or false positives is using Email YoYo to go beyond regular expressions. Validate a email address to the mailbox level.

Many developers dive in on various code types to mix with their scripts that include PHP, Perl, PCRE, C# and Python. A self built email parser can ban the server IP address that is hosting the application. Cloud based email validation does not ban the business server and uses a third party service to validate emails.

Using Advanced Email Validation Regex

A sophisticated and complete engine has been built by Email YoYo to validate a email address in real time through the use of a email validation API instead of self hosted scripts or code. This allows for going above RFC patterns with a smart solution that runs in a virtual environment. Email Validation Regex

The method is no longer complicated or hard to code with a regular expression. The technique moves beyond basic validation and runs as a hosted service that prevents IP address blacklisting and dropping the rates of false positives received. The move allows for a higher accuracy rate when attempting to validate.

The API service works with any code or script in a website or application that connects online. Client side examples include jQuery ACL, jQuery license key, AngularJS, and cURL. While server side examples include PHP, C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, and PERL validation.