Email Sender Reputation

A client with a poor email sender reputation once said “I have been doing email marketing for the past five months, yet no customers have visited my site to make purchases. Is there anything I have not been doing right? Or should I change my strategy and see if it works?”

Well, it is good to change email marketing strategy if the previous method is not converting. However, did you know the condition of your ad campaigns – whether they usually end up in the spam folder or rejected? Sometimes all you do is find a email list cleaning service and sometimes it is more than that.

This is one of the things that most people neglect while sending emails. If you have been noticing poor performance, then you need to investigate your campaign.

How to find your email sender reputation.

Email sender reputation is very important in today’s world, as it determines the fate of your messages.

Sender reputation is measured by Internet Service Providers (ISP) based on different factors. Once the ISP has assigned a value or score to your IP, it can determine whether to deliver your email campaigns into the inbox, spam folder, or even reject it.

As an email marketer, you should be able to monitor your ad campaigns and see if they deliver as expected or not. The value or score assigned to your IP by ISP is used to determine your reputation, and it tells whether you are trustworthy or not.

Depending on their policies, different ISPs may rate you differently. In order to build a healthy reputation you’ll need to read and understand all of the factors that Internet Service Providers consider before they assign a score value to your IP.

Email sender reputation is not built overnight, it is built over time based on your marketing activities.

Email Sender Reputation Improvement

Factors used in determining email sender reputation.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sender’s reputation is determined based on different factors, for example, spam complaints, the frequency/volume of your ad campaigns, and so on.

Are you sending the same campaign repeatedly? Probably you have spent huge money crafting your ad campaign and you want all your subscribers to read the content. Is that so? Blasting the same email campaign repeatedly will affect your reputation badly.

Another thing that can affect your reputation is your email list. Are you sure the email addresses in your list are clean?

What if you are doing the right thing but your message is not being delivered due to bad emails? This is one of the reasons why you need to verify your email list before blasting your ad campaign.

What happens if a reputation is poor?

Of course, email marketing is meant to get more customers to visit your website and complete some tasks. Unfortunately, poor reputation won’t allow your message to reach the right person.

Messages that are delivered into the spam folder is rendered useless, and most users will not attempt to open it at all. Apart from the fact that users don’t open spam messages, such messages are not allowed to display their full contents.

Even if users open messages in the spam folder, they may not be able to click on links that lead to your website.

To sum it up, email sender reputation is an important factor that can affect the success of your marketing endeavor.

Build a healthy reputation by ensuring that your campaigns are sent to valid email addresses in a moderate amount through proper a email validation service like Email YoYo.