Email List Cleaning Service

Email YoYo offers a email list cleaning service for both businesses and individuals. The bulk email verification that we offer is a “done for you” service and on a “as needed” basis.

Email List Cleaning by Email YoYo

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You can select your validation level by matching the tiers with the amount of email addresses that you have on your list. After your order a Email YoYo customer service representative will contact you to arrange secure transfer of your list or lists to us for cleaning.

The turn-around time for our email list cleaning service depends on the amount of email addresses that you have in bulk. Please refer to the estimated days on your tier before purchase.

We accommodate every and any business type that needs bulk email verification. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our email list cleaning are listed below to help you decide on your order and verify if our service is a fit for your situation or you can start checking emails with our free trial demo.

Email Validation Trial Demo

Email List Cleaning Service FAQ

Q. What are the turn-around times for cleaning my email lists?

A. The turn-around time depends on your list size and you can see the estimated time on your preferred package tier here.

Q. What format does my email list need to be in for cleaning?

A. The required file format is a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. The CSV file is the industry standard and used by the majority of businesses due to the ease of copy, paste, sorting, importing, and exporting to other formats.

Q. I have other fields in my email list like names, addresses, etc. Can you preserve those during the cleaning process?

A. Yes, we will preserve your other data fields in your lists for jobs with less than 50,000 records.

Q. Can I send multiple email lists on one order or should all of my emails be on one list?

A. All emails are requested to be on one single email list for processing. In rare cases we will accommodate multiple lists if the data can not be combined for cleaning, but there will be a surcharge added for these situations. It is advised that you combine your data to a single list for processing to minimize turn-around time and prevent any extra costs for you.

Q. Are any credits retained for future cleaning if I do not use the entire quantity in my order?

A. No, every order is individual and we encourage you to order to the size of your list only with each job request.

Q. How do you compare to the competition?

A. We exceed accuracy rates of any other email verification service provider by 20% at least and we are on average 30% less in cost due to our direct to customer model. We do not spend money on advertising or a sales force which helps keep our prices lower for you.

Q. What do you do with my data after the job is complete?

A. We do not retain your data for any purpose. Once your list is cleaned and returned to you, we then remove it from our systems with secure deletion. No exceptions. Your privacy and our integrity is something we hold in high regards.

Q. Do you offer a free trial so I can test your service first?

A. Yes! Start testing as many emails as you would like for free on our email validation tool so you can see for yourself.

Email Validation Trial Demo

Q. How will my email list be returned to me after the verification process?

A. Email YoYo will return your list with an extra column added beside your email address column with a designated status of Good, Bad, and Unknown. This simple 3 tag class has become an industry standard and makes the data easier to understand for the user.

  • Good – this tag indicates the email address is valid and can be safely used in your marketing.
  • Bad – this tag indicates the email address is not valid and should not be used to prevent bounce back or send errors.
  • Unknown – this tag indicates the email address is questionable and falls in a “grey” area. If you receive any Unknown email addresses back, we recommend that you cut and paste these addresses into a new list and slowly test sending campaigns to them in smaller batches to prevent large bounce backs or blacklisting with your email service provider. See Unknown Emails Explained for more information.

Q. I would like to integrate your service with my own solution for real-time email verification, how would this be done?

A. Read more about our email verification API for this very need.

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