Check Email Validity Online

Check email validity online with Email YoYo’s bulk online validation services that verifies emails instantly and checks to see if they are valid or invalid.

How can you check the validity of an email address and figure out if it is real or not? The most obvious way is to send a test message to to the email address in question.

If that test message arrives to the inbox of the email address you can be guaranteed that the mailbox account is valid.

That is a wonderful idea for someone with only a single email address or maybe two they need to check, but what about someone or something like a business that has thousands of emails that need checking?

The idea of sending test messages goes completely out the window in a case like there were hundreds, thousands, or even millions of email addresses could potentially be invalid.

This is where the introduction of online validation would check email validity for you one by one or in bulk for long lists.

Check Email Validity Online

Email validity checking goes further than pinging mailboxes and searching for domains with MX records. You can not load the command prompt on your computer and type some commands in to verify. NSLOOKUP serves no purpose here.

Large quantities of emails are better verified through list cleansing. Email list cleaning checks all addresses at one time in the cloud.

Validation systems are configured to connect to mail servers and say hello, verifying the email address instantly.

Most marketing or business people are not very familiar with the technical aspects of checking email validity, nor do they want to be.

What is best for the user is a done for you service where the owner of an email list can send in their entire list of email addresses to a cloud validation company for cleaning.

After validation the list is returned to the owner and everyone is on their happy way for taking care of business.

Stop sending test messages and check email validity by using bulk validation online. It’s better for your users and better for you.