RESTful API for Email Verification

Explore the benefits of a API for email verification using RESTful technology. Verify email addresses that are real for free or upload and verify a list of emails. The API supports Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby and more.

Verify email addresses with a corporate quality using an established enterprise grade cloud based API with real time verification.

Email addresses are verified instantly as they come into your forms. By validating email you will be sure you are only sending out emails to real customers and contacts.

Advanced technology goes beyond Syntax checking and typo checks. You will also experience mailbox account verification, MX-Records, SMTP validation, catch-all detection, and free disposable address filtering.

HTTPS SSL support is included in every API for email verification and can be turned on when requested.

Email YoYo offers a URL structure that is easy to integrate. All delivered in lightweight RESTful service instead of the older JSON format. All points are secured with 256-bit HTTPS encryption for security.

Popular uses for this email verification API include web forms. Validating the emails entered on your website forms or app intake points has never been easier.

An API Built With Micro Services

To build a better service you have to go granular. Email YoYo’s API is built across a series of micro services to provide better results to developers.

We have take the following 5 micro steps inside our API for email verification which produces a better quality results when verifying emails.

1. A email parser with intelligent grammar checking.

2. DNS lookups to validate functioning domains.

3. Email Service Provider agreements.

4. Mailbox level checking and Mail Exchanger handshakes.

5. Typo correct and replacement suggestion.

API for email verification

We took a long hard look at the other email validation services and discovered how many of them were not living up to their promises. Because we were not satisfied with any of their performance or accuracy features we have built a stronger API for email verification online. You can try yourself by contacting us for a demo.