API Email Check When Exists

An API email check can verify when emails exist or not on a servers. Email addresses are configured to report back if they are active or disabled.

The API endpoint of an email addresses can be run through a validation service and given an arbitrary address. Validating the address based on Syntax checks that are RFC defined is not enough. Take checking a few steps further with mailbox level verification.

Use simple verification across a RESTful API using SMTP, typo checks, syntax validation, and free or disposable email provider filters in one service. Email validation is a problem faced by every developer building anything connected to the web.

API email checks can determine which email addresses are real and high-quality for free. You can upload and verify lists of emails or use the email validation API for Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.

Check the deliverability of any emails being submitted in your forms and applications in seconds. Start sending with every other request while your other emails validate, our service can be used with a simple call.

API Email Check When Exists

Email YoYo’s API email check can be used to verify emails in real time. We don’t check the syntax and domain only, we can check that the user mailbox is valid and still in operation.

Email validation services through us rapidly reduce bounce rates up to 98% and prevent bad email addresses from entering your data flow.

Our solution is the perfect dream for developers that are handling high-traffic web forms and landing pages. Put an end to bad email intake on eCommerce shopping carts, call centers, and other data collection websites.

By utilizing our state-of-the-art API email check, our service will not send any emails from unverified domains or domains without valid records. This is including public domains and private domains.

Count on Email YoYo’s validation to ensure customer email addresses are valid and receiving email when you send to them in your next campaign.